Israeli soldiers, attacked on Tuesday, a nonviolent protest that was held in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, and claimed that the protest was held without a permit from the Police in the occupied city.Local sources reported that dozens of Israeli soldiers and policemen were deployed in the city in an attempt to prevent the Palestinians from protesting the death of detainee Maisara Abu Hamdiyya who died at an Israeli prison due to medical neglect resulting in advanced stages of cancer.

The soldiers violently attacked the protesters leading to clashes and a number of injuries, the sources added.
In related news, clashes took place in the Al-Khader and Toqua’ towns in the West bank district of Bethlehem.

Furthermore, at least 40 Palestinians have been injured during clashes with the army in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank.

Detainee Maisara Abu Hamdiyya, 64, died at the Intensive Care Unit at the Soroka Israeli hospital on Tuesday morning suffering from an advanced stage of cancer resulting of medical negligence in Israeli prisons.

Following his death, clashes took place in different parts of the occupied West Bank and the army used excessive force against the Palestinian protesters leading to dozens of injuries while several residents were also kidnapped and detained.