Tuesday April 23, 2013, Israeli soldiers demolished several of agricultural structures and tents used by Palestinian shepherds in the northern plains area, east of the occupied West Bank.Local sources in Tubas and the northern plains area reported that the soldiers demolished residential structures, agricultural structures and sheds, and a number of barns near Khirbit Yazra grazing pasture, and in Al-Hammamat area, in Wadi Al-Maleh.

Head of the Grazing Committees, Aref Daraghma, stated that the army demolished four structures, including a residential structure in Khirbit Hammamat Al-Maleh that was subject to frequent similar attacks.

“They removed tents, displaced families, and threw their belongings away”, Daraghma said, “In Khirbit Yazra, the army demolished three agricultural structures and a residential shed”.

Marwan Tubassy, governor of Tubas and the Northern Plains, visited the attacked areas and observed the devastation and destruction caused by the army, and stated that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast in the area especially since Israel wants them to leave to that it can build and expand its illegal settlements.

“We will rebuild what they demolished, we will remain here and will help our people to remain steadfast in their land”, Tubassy said, “Despite the ongoing Israeli violations, we will continue to build and develop; we will lay the foundations of our independent state”.

He called on the international community to intervene and stop the racist Israeli policies, and said that “what Israel is doing falls under the category of war crimes as it violates all principles of human rights.”