Thursday April 25, 2013, Israeli military sources that the Israeli Air Force intercepted and downed a drone believed to have been flown by Hezbollah party in southern Lebanon, and added that the drone was flying over the Haifa shore “trying to violate Israeli airspace”.The army issued a statement declaring that the drone was flying from the north heading to the south of the country, and that the army noticed it approximately at one in the afternoon before sending F-16 war jets to down it.

The army said that the drone was relatively smaller than other drones, and that it was unclear whether it carried any weapons or explosives.

It also said that the final target of the drone remains unknown, and that the army currently only knows that was heading to the south, were the Dimona Israeli Nuclear Reactor is located.

In October of last year, Israel said that it downed a Hezbollah drone over the northern part of the Negev Desert. The army said that the drone did not carry any explosives.