Wednesday evening, April 24, 2013, dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the Western Area of the Bil’in village, and took photos of the lands especially where a military monitoring tower was installed, and was removed two years ago after the Annexation Wall was rerouted following an Israeli Court ruling. Local sources reported that the army carried camera, maps and equipment and took photographs in the area where the military watchtower was removed on June 27, 2011.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in reported that a local villager was in the area, and asked the soldiers about what they were doing but they ordered to him leave.

The ongoing nonviolent resistance against the Wall and settlements in the village managed to force Israel to return Palestinians lands following eight years of ongoing struggle against the ongoing Israeli violations, mainly the construction of the Wall and expansion of illegal settlements.

Bil’in became a role model for popular struggle against the occupation, the Wall and settlement, and became the target of constant Israeli military assaults targeting the residents and their Israeli and international supporters.