Friday April 26 2013; Palestinian medical sources in Bil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, reported that dozens of local resident, Israeli and international protesters have been treated for the effects of teargas inhalation after the army attacked the weekly nonviolent protest against the Wall and settlements in the village.This week’s protest was also held in solidarity with Palestinian detainees held by Israel and facing ongoing violations and aggression.

Local sources reported that the army fired gas bombs, rubber-coated metal bullets and concussion grenades, and sprayed the nonviolent protesters with waste-water mixed with chemicals as soon as they arrived at the Abu Lemon Natural Reserve.

Several trees were also burnt by Israeli fire while the protesters rushed to put the fire off in order to save the Palestinian trees and olive orchards.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli peace activists and a delegation of the French Palestinian Friendship Society, participated in the protest.

The nonviolent protesters raised Palestinian flags and started their protest by marching from the center of the village while chanting slogans calling for Palestinian national unity and the liberation of all Palestinian detainees held by Israel.

The nonviolent protesters also raised Palestinian and French flags and the global peace sign on the Annexation Wall, and carried posters stating, among other things, “Resistance Will Continue Until Victory”.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil’in, reported that the issue of Palestinian detainees is a very important cause, and that this protest comes to express solidarity with them amidst ongoing and escalating Israeli violations against them.

Abu Rahma informed the visiting French delegation on the history of the nonviolent resistance against the Wall and settlements, and the successes made due ongoing determination and steadfastness despite Israeli aggression and the army’s use of excessive force against the protesters.

He also called on more international participation and support of the leading nonviolent resistance in Palestine.

The visiting French delegation expressed solidarity with the ongoing nonviolent struggle, and saluted the creative nonviolent resistance model in Bil’in.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of injuries have been reported in different parts of the occupied West Bank after the army attacked the weekly nonviolent protests.

Medical sources reported that dozes of protesters have been treated for the effects of teargas inhalation in the Al-Ma’sara village, near Bethlehem, after the army attacked its weekly protest.

Dozens of injuries have also been reported in Nabi Saleh village, near Ramallah, when the arm used excessive force against the nonviolent protesters.

Injuries have also been reported in Silwad town, near Ramallah, after the army attacked nonviolent protesters. At least four were hit by rubber-coated metal bullets, while dozens of residents have been treated for the effects of teargas inhalation.