Thursday May 2, 2013, Hebron governor, Kamal Hmeid, held a meeting with the representative of the European Union in Palestine, John Gatt-Rutter, and informed him of the ongoing and escalating attacks carried out by Israeli soldiers and settlers in the Hebron district, especially Hebron’s Old City.The governor told the EU official that the Israeli army is not only ongoing with its harassment and assaults against the residents, but also continued and expanded its military drills in inhabited Palestinian villages and areas, and continued to destroy Palestinian farmlands, grazing areas, and the forcible removal and relocation of the Bedouins and the residents.

On his part, Gatt-Rotter said that he is concerned regarding the conditions the Palestinians face in the occupied territories, especially amidst the financial crisis and the ongoing Israeli violations.

He stated that the Israeli occupation of Palestine must be ended so that the Palestinians can establish their independent state in their homeland.