The Israeli Prison Authority decided on Friday to deprive the hunger striking Jordanian detainees in its prisons access to liquids in an attempt to force them end their strike, that entered its second day on Friday.The Jordanian Detainees Support Center reported that all liquids, except for water, have been banned for all the striking Jordanian detainees.

The Center added that, usually, hunger-striking detainees have access to water and other liquids such as milk, but Israel decided to place the Jordanian detainees in solitary confinement, and to deny them access to liquids.

Also, the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies reported that the Palestinian detainees, held by Israel, have been unable to contact the Jordanian detainees after Israeli ordered them into solitary confinement.

On Friday, dozens of Jordanians held a protest In Amman Jordan, demanding the Jordanian government to act for the release of their sons.

There are 25 Jordanians imprisoned by Israel; they decided to hold a hunger strike beginning on Thursday, demanding the Jordanian government to act for their release.