Tuesday May 21, 2013; the Himaya Center for Journalists Defending Human Rights has reported that more than 2400 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are currently stuck at the Rafah Border Terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, awaiting to be allowed through.In a press release, the center demanded the Egyptian Authorities to open the terminal without any delays, and to refrain from involving the Palestinians in internal issues in Gaza and Egypt.

It also demanded providing the Palestinians, stuck on the terminal, with temporary shelter and the needed care, and added that the border crossing must be continuously operating as agreed upon during meetings and arrangements, and called for applying all related laws.

Egypt closed the Rafah Border Terminal more than four days ago, leaving 2400 Palestinians stuck on the crossing, and preventing thousands of Palestinians from leaving the coastal region.

The Rafah Terminal is the only crossing point that the Palestinians in Gaza can use when traveling abroad, due to the fact that Israel controls all other terminals, including commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip.