Tuesday May 21 2013; the leftist Palestinian People Party (PPP) issued a statement condemning the arrest of five of its members by the Palestinian Security Forces in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.It said that several members are being targeted by the P.A for resisting the Israeli occupation, and practicing their right to Freedom of Speech.

The PPP added that members of the Palestinian Preventative Security Forces surrounded, on Tuesday at dawn, the homes of a number of its political leaders in Tulkarem, and arrested four, and that on Wednesday morning, the security forces arrested a fifth member.

In a press release, the party identified the arrested members as Salim Suheil As-Salman, 22, Ala’ Mohammad Baleedy, 22, Yasser Ammar Zeidan, 20, Mohammad Eyad Abu Zeina, 22, and Mo’men Mahmoud Hamed, 22.

It demanded the Palestinian Security Forces to unconditionally release the political prisoners, and to stop all political arrests, and added that the P.A should act on supporting the Popular Resistance, public freedoms and the rule of the law.

Furthermore, the PPS said that Israeli soldiers also kidnapped, on Tuesday at dawn, one of its members in Tulkarem, identified as Abdul-Basset Shreiteh, 21, and added that Israeli soldiers kidnapped six members over the last two months.