The Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) revealed Tuesday that the army managed to arrest, a month ago, members of two “cells” that belong to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements in the Hebron area, in the southern parts of the West Bank. Israeli daily, Maariv, has reported that the Israeli Shabak said that four Islamic Jihad members were arrested, and claimed that they “planned to abduct an Israeli soldier”, in order to try to conduct a prisoner swap agreement with Israel.

It added that the Islamic Jihad members planned to kill a soldier or a settler, and hide their bodies for the same reason.

The army also arrested nine Hamas members, most of them from Bani Neim town, near Hebron, and claimed that they planned to abduct soldiers and settlers, in addition to planning attacks against Israeli targets.

The Shabak said that the arrested Hamas members had a large explosive charge that was seized by the army.