On Tuesday, May 21, the Islamic Jihad in Palestine denied accusations of involvement in the ongoing clashes between the Syrian army and armed groups in Syria, and said that its struggle is only against Israel.The Movement issued a press release denouncing what it described as “suspicious media reports that try to drag the Islamic Jihad into what is happening in Syria”.

It added that “its struggle, and fight, is against the Zionist occupation that occupies Palestine”.

The movement also repeated its call for a political solution to the Syrian crisis, and to ensure the unity of the Syrian land and people “far away from the cycle of violence and bloodshed, that only serve the interests of Syria’s enemies”.

The statement of the Islamic Jihad came after some reports said that Fadi Al-Jazzar, a Palestinian member of the movement was killed during a gun battle in Al-Qaseer Syrian city on Monday. Media reports claimed that Al-Jazzar recently joined the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party.