Wednesday, May 29 2013, several armored Israeli military vehicles invaded the Al-Aqaba area in Beit Hanina, north of occupied East Jerusalem, and surrounded a home before demolishing it. Soldiers also demolished a car repair shop near Jerusalem.Workers of the Jerusalem Municipality broke into the two-story building in Beit Hanina, and violently removed furniture and property out.

The building was home to ten members of two families who were rendered homeless.

The army also attacked and kidnaped two Palestinians in Beit Hanina.

Also on Wednesday, soldiers demolished a car repair shop that belongs to resident Awad Hussein Sbeih, in Hizma village, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext that the shop was built without a construction permit.

The local village council in Hizma has reported that Sbeih did not receive any prior notice, and was surprised to see the army and bulldozers demolishing his store without even allowing him to remove his equipment.

The council added that the losses Sbeih encountered by the destruction of his store are estimated by 90.000 New Israeli Shekels, and added that the army repeatedly demolished stores, workshops and hothouses in the village for the benefit of Israeli settlement construction and expansion activities.