Israeli NGO, Terrestrial Jerusalem, has reported that Israel is planning to build more than 1000 units for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.It stated the move “could significantly hinder the efforts conducted by Washington to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.”

The new Israeli decision was made despite the recent visit of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who held talks with Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian officials in an attempt to resume “the political process” that has been deadlocked since 2010.

Founder and director of “Terrestrial Jerusalem”, Daniel Seidemann, stated that construction bids has been signed, and that 300 units will be built in Ramot settlement in addition to 797 units in Gilo settlement.

Seidemann said that Israeli Housing Minister, Yuri Ariel, a settler and a leader of the Jewish Home Party, and those in his circle, made the new decision.

He added that Ariel is acting on officially launching a new wave of settlement activities in the occupied territories.