Friday June 7 2013, several extremist Israeli settlers burnt, on Friday at dawn, a Palestinian car that belongs to resident, Yasser Samir Najib, 31, from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem.Najib said that his car was burnt approximately at three at dawn; it was parked it in front of his home.

His neighbors told him that they saw extremist settlers around his home close to midnight, the Palestine News Network has reported.

Najib also stated that the area where he lives, close to the Shimon Tezek illegal outpost, witnesses frequent settler attacks, and that two weeks ago, settlers punctured tires of several Palestinian cars.

In related news, several extremist settlers attacked, on Friday morning, Palestinian farmers in Rojeeb village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Medical sources have reported that the settlers assaulted resident Salah Kamel Dweikat and his sons, before Palestinian farmers managed to force the settlers away.

On Friday, 31 May 2013, settlers wrote anti-Christian graffiti on the back wall of the Church of Zion near the southern wall of the old city of occupied East Jerusalem.

The graffiti written on the wall of the church included various vulgar and racist statements, such as “Christians are slaves,” “Christians are Monkeys,” in addition to “Price Tag”.

Also on Friday, a group of settlers attempted to seize an apartment in Jaber family’s building in Sho’fat neighborhood in the north of Jerusalem by manipulating an order of the Israeli Magistrate’s Court.

According to sources from Sho’fat neighborhood, approximately 15 settlers raided the apartment in the evening in an attempt to seize it, but the Israeli police arrived at the scene and forced them to leave; however, 1 settler stayed in it.