[Thursday June 13 2013] a number of extremist Israel settlers carried out another Price Tag attack, this time targeting a Christian Cemetery in Jaffa, and spray-painted “Price Tag”, and “Revenge” on tombstones.Israeli Ynet News has reported that more Price Tag graffiti were discovered on a residential building close to the cemetery, near the home of Khaled Kaboub, an Arab District Court Judge in Tel Aviv.

The Ynet added that the police initiated an investigation into the attack, and that, so far, no suspects have been apprehended.

Talking to the Ynet, attorney Ahmad Balha, stated that is a very dangerous act that shows hatred for the Arab residents of Jaffa, and strongly denounced continued attacks against sacred sites.

He added that a meeting will be held, on Thursday, to discuss measures against these serious attacks and violations.

Resident Mahmoud Eghbariyya said that this “criminal attack cannot be ignored”, and that the Israeli government and police are failing to act.

In related news, the Israeli Police revealed Wednesday [June 12 2013] that Israeli settlers carried out 165 Price Tag attacks against the Palestinians and their property, in the West Bank, and in the 1948 territories since the beginning of this year.

The attacks targeted Palestinian lands and orchards, cars, property, mosques, churches and several Islamic and Christian graveyards.