[Monday June 14 2013] The Hamas movement called on the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party to withdraw its fighters from Syria [supporting President Bashar Assad], and to focus on the struggle against Israel.Dr. Mousa Abumarzook, member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, posted a statement by Hamas on his Facebook page, and stated that “the current developments in Syria, the challenges the Syrian people, the Palestinian people, the Arab and Islamic Nations face require stressing essential issues”

“We demand Hezbollah with withdraw his fighters from Syria, to keep his weapons only directed against the Zionist occupation”, the Hamas official said, “The existence of Hezbollah fighters in Syria increases sectarian conflicts”.

He further stated that the Syria people have the right to live in dignity and freedom, and that they have always been supportive of the Palestinian resistance “therefore, we express our solidarity with the Syrian people, feel their pain and suffering”.

Abumarzook added that the Palestinian cause, “resisting the Zionist occupation a top priority under all circumstances and conditions”.