Israeli daily, Yedioth Aharonoth have reported Tuesday [July 2 2013] that, despite the current massive protests in Egypt, and what it described as “chaos”, security coordination between the Israeli army and the Egyptian army is ongoing, and that Tel Aviv approved an Egyptian request for more Egyptian troops in Sinai.Israel Army said that the Egyptian operations against armed groups in Sinai are carried out in direct coordination with Tel Aviv, and added that the Israeli political leadership approved the Egyptian request due to what was described as “security threats to both Cairo and Tel Aviv”.

Yedioth Aharonoth said tha more Egyptian soldiers will be deployed along the border with Gaza, to prevent arms smuggling.

The Associated Press have reported that Egypt deployed dozens of armored vehicles in Sinai and border areas, and added that the operations carried out by the Egyptian army target what was described as “terrorist Islamists operating in the triangular border area (Egypt, Israel and the Gaza Strip).”

It also said that these operations are carried out in direct cooperation between senior Israeli and Egyptian military leaders.