An Israeli human rights defender identified as Sarit Michaeli was shot in the leg by Israeli army fire during the weekly nonviolent protest against the Wall and Settlements in Nabi Saleh. Local sources reported that the soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets against protestors in Nabi Saleh, a village near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Sarit Michaeli was filming the protest for the Israeli organization B’Tselem when a rubber-coated metal bullet fired by an Israeli soldier nearby struck her leg.

Sarit was moved to a hospital in Tel Aviv to receive surgery to remove the bullet, which remained inside her leg.

Also on Friday, the army attacked the weekly nonviolent protests in Bil’in and in Ni’lin, villages near Ramallah. Soldiers fired gas bombs and sprayed the protesters with chemical water known as ‘skunk water’ for the very bad smell it produces. Several protesters were treated for the effects of teargas inhalation.

Also in Bil’in, tear gas bombs caused fires that burnt nearby olive trees owned by local Palestinian farmers.

The army also attacked nonviolent protesters in Al-Ma’sara, a village near Bethlehem. The protesters were forced back using rifle-buts and batons; no injuries were reported.