Sunday evening [October 6, 2013] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded Azzoun Atma town, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, and kidnapped four children, including an 8-year-old.Local sources said that the children were playing in Palestinian olive orchard, near the main road of the village, when the soldiers attacked and kidnapped them.

The sources added that the soldiers kidnapped Ekrima Mohammad Sweidan, 8, and his cousin Yazan Khaled Sweidan, 12, as they were playing in an orchard north of Azzoun, in addition to kidnapping Ahmad Mohammad Salim, 11, and Ahmad Zanran Salim, 12, in an orchard north of the town.

Eyewitnesses said that the children were heading back home returning from their families’ olive orchards where their families were picking their olives.

The Israeli army claimed that the children threw stones at Israeli military vehicles and settlers cars in the main road.

Soldiers also closed the Iron Gates installed on the northern and western entrances of the town.

On Monday at dawn, soldiers invaded the Deheisha refugee camp, in Bethlehem, and kidnapped Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Khamour, 18.

Soldiers also invaded Ya’bod, near the northern West bank city of Jenin, and kidnapped one resident identified as Nour Ed-Deen Abdul-Karim Atatra, 21.

On Sunday night after midnight, soldiers ambushed a number of Palestinians close to the Annexation Wall, in Abu Dis town in occupied East Jerusalem, and kidnapped two Palestinians.

The two have been identified as Abdul-Aziz Mohammad Bader, 20, and Mo’sab Ahmad Bader, 21..