Palestinian medical sources have reported Monday [October 21, 2013] that seven Palestinian workers have been injured after an Israeli military jeep chased their car, and rammed into it, near the Annexation Wall in Ramadeen village, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.The sources said that a Red Crescent ambulance has moved the workers to the Al-Ahly Hospital in Hebron. They suffered mild-to-moderate injuries.

Six of the wounded workers have been identified as Mahmoud Irzeiqat, Mohammad Irzeiqat, Jamil As-Samamra, Radwan Amro, Wajdi Amro and Hani Khdeirat.

There has been numerous similar incidents recently as the army repeated chases Palestinian vehicles transporting day laborers who work in Jerusalem or the 1948 territories, leading to dozens of injuries.