Palestinian Prime Minister in the occupied West Bank, Rami Hamdallah, stated that Qatar has promised to transfer $150 million to the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) to help ease its sharp financial crises.Hamdallah said that he held extensive talks with Prince Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani, in Qatar, asked him to grant the P.A. $150 Million, and said that the prince agreed to make the transfer. Hamdallah added that he hopes the transfer will be done as soon as possible, to enable the P.A. to perform its duties, pay salaries and provide services — especially since Qatar did not set a date for this transfer.

The Prime Minister said that Palestine has many resources which could generate income, but the Israeli occupation, restrictions and violations, Israel’s illegitimate settlement activities and its annexation wall, are choking the Palestinian economy and preventing any economic progress.

He further stated that Qatar also promised to ease restrictions imposed on employing the Palestinian work force in the country.

Last September, Hamdallah said that the P.A. needs at least $150 million by the end of this year in order to function and provide basic services.

Israel controls all border terminals leading to the West Bank and, therefore, all exports or imports must go through Israeli-controlled border terminals. Palestinians leaving or entering the country also end up paying fees to the Israeli Border Authority.

It is supposed to transfer approximately 500 Million New Israeli Shekels per month, for taxes it collects on border terminals, but has repeatedly withheld the transfer to pressure the P.A. into halting all international political moves, including the submission of applications to join Unites Nations institutions.

Tel Aviv also deducts 3% each month, in commissions for collecting the money, as it refuses to grant the P.A. access or control over border terminals.

The U.S. has repeatedly withheld financial support to the P.A. in the West Bank, to pressure it into continuing direct diplomatic talks with Tel Aviv, despite the escalating Israeli violations and settlement activities.