The European Union has granted the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) in the West Bank approximately €11 Million, in order to help it pay November salaries of more than 71,000 Palestinian civil employees and pensioners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.The European contribution is transferred through the PEGASE mechanism, used by the EU and international countries to assist the P.A. in preparing for the future Palestinian State.

EU representative John Gatt-Rutter stated that the EU has been the biggest donor and most reliable partner with the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.

He added that this contribution and support is part of the EU’s persistent support of the Palestinian people, and that this support would continue in 2014.

Gatt-Rutter said that establishing an independent and viable Palestinian State is very important for peace in the region, and that the EU is invested in building strong Palestinian institutions that would contribute to reaching a lasting peace deal.

The European official further stated that the EU fully supports a negotiated solution to the conflict, and will continue to act on ensuing successful peace talks that would lead to a final-status peace agreement.