[Monday at Dawn, December 9, 2013] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin, including the Jenin refugee camp, kidnapping four Palestinians. A fifth Palestinian was kidnapped at a roadblock.Local sources have reported that the soldiers invaded several areas of the Jenin refugee camp, and kidnapped one Palestinian identified as Suleiman Jom’a Sa’ad Abu Khalifa, 45.

The soldiers also broke into and violently searched a number of homes in Khallet As-Soha and the Eastern neighborhood in Jenin, kidnapping three Palestinians identified as Majdi Zaher As-Sa’dy, 25, Ahmad Ziad Al-Hajj, 23, and Suleiman Abu Ar-Rob, 22.

In related news, soldiers stationed at the Za’tara roadblock, near Jenin, kidnapped one Palestinian identified as Mahmoud Ghazy Abu Baker, from Ya’bod village.

Eyewitnesses said that Abu was heading to work when he was stopped and interrogated at the roadblock before he was kidnapped.

The army also invaded several communities in the occupied West Bank, searched homes and installed roadblocks.

The army routinely invades various communities in the West Bank, carries out home invasions, installs roadblocks and interrogates the residents.