[Tuesday, December 10, 2013] Marking The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Adopted by the UN on December 10 1948), the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israel is ongoing with its serious violations, and is currently holding captive more than 5000 Palestinians, including 200 minors and 15 women.The PPS said that Israel continues to violate all related international agreements, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, by subjecting the detainees to cruel conditions, extreme torture and abuse, and holding them under terrible conditions.

It added that this year witnessed some of the largest violations against the detainees, as Israeli soldiers repeatedly broke into their rooms in different detention camps and prisons, and violently assaulted them, in addition to spraying them with gas and forcing dozens into solitary confinement.

The Society said that four Palestinian detainees died this year, three of them died in prison due to the lack of medical attention, and one died shortly after his release due to serious illness he suffered while in prison, and was never granted the urgently needed medical attention.

There are currently 1400 Palestinian detainees suffering with various health conditions, including 150 suffering with cancer, diabetes and other serious health issues.

Most of the detainees who suffer with serious health conditions are held at the Ramla Prison clinic that lacks basic supplies and specialized physicians.

The PPS further stated that, after Israel released veteran detainees held before the First Oslo Agreement of 1993, there are currently 53 veteran detainees still imprisoned, out of 104 detainees who spent at least 20 years in prison.

The PPS called on the International Community, and Human Rights groups, to act on holding Israel accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people, especially against the detainees who are supposed to enjoy protection and adequate treatment.

Last month, the Israeli government said it was considering forcing Palestinian detainees from Jerusalem and Historic Palestine (1948) into exile, should they be freed under any agreement with the Palestinian Authority. The detainees have also been imprisoned since before the First Oslo Agreement.

Tel Aviv refused to release any of the 27 detainees during the first and second phases in which it released, back in mid-August 26 veteran detainees (14 from Gaza and 12 from the West bank, and in late October when it released 26 veteran detainees (21 from Gaza and five from the West Bank).

More veteran detainees are expected to be released on December 29 and on March 28 2014, as part of a mediated deal reached by the US to ensure the resumption of direct political talks.

Various Israeli officials of the Israeli Government of Benjamin Netanyahu have been calling for voiding the agreement.