[Saturday, December 14, 2013] (Ma’an) Civil defense forces in the West Bank reported, on Saturday evening, that at least one person has died and 53 have been injured in storm-related incidents over the last four days.4,165 storm-related cases have been assisted by civil defense since the storm began, rescuing a total of 5,980 people across the region, according to a recent report released by the public relations and media department of the civil defense forces.

Ramallah and al-Bireh were most affected by storm-related incidents, with 3,027 people involved in 1,586 separate incidents requiring help in the region.

Hebron was second, with 899 people involved in 790 incidents, including a case where the house of a roof collapsed during the storm.

The report stated that roads across the West Bank are all but impassable, and that civil defense crews continue attempts to reopen them.

Many incidents which required intervention involved drivers stranded in snowy areas, after their cars became stuck.

Luay Bani Odeh, director of civil defense forces, appealed to citizens not to leave their homes and not to overuse electricity, stressing the need for caution regarding heating appliances.

He also reminded the public of numbers to call in case of emergency, including 102 for Civil Defense, 101 for Red Crescent, and 100 for the police.

Jerusalem was covered by snow, on Friday.