[Tuesday at Dawn, January 7, 2014] Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank district of Nablus, and the southern West Bank district of Hebron, kidnapping five Palestinians. Several Palestinians kidnapped in Jerusalem on Monday.Local sources in Nablus have reported that dozens of soldiers and police officers invaded the Balata refugee camp, near Nablus, and broke into several houses.

The sources said that the army also illegally confiscated some cars and motorcycles, in addition to snatching spare car parts.

During the invasion, the soldiers also kidnapped two Palestinians identified as Mohammad Thieb, 43, and Jamal Hannoun, 33, and interrogated several residents after forcing them out of their homes, into the cold .

The army also invaded Rafidia area, west of Nablus, broke into the home of Mohammad Sameeh Olewy, 25, and kidnapped him after confiscating mobile phones and computers from his home.

Furthermore, dozens of soldiers invaded Doura town, west of Hebron, and kidnapped two Palestinians.

The two kidnapped residents have been identified as Mohammad Darabee’ and Khalil An-Nammoura.

Clashes but no injuries have been reported between the invading soldiers and local youth, who hurled stones and empty bottles at them.

In related news, several Israelis punctured tires of five Arab cars in Jaffa city, and wrote racist graffiti such as “death to Arabs”, and “No Co-existence with Arabs”, in Bat Yam Street.

On Monday, dozens of soldiers and police officers kidnapped several Palestinians in from different neighborhoods and towns occupied East Jerusalem.

Local sources said that seven of the kidnapped Palestinians are former political prisoners who spent years in Israeli prisons and detention camps.

The seven have been identified as Haitham Al-Jo’ba, from the Old City; he was taken from his work in the Industrial Area in Jerusalem, Khalil Ghazzawy, kidnapped from his home in Ath-Thoury neighborhood in Old City, Jouda Jouda from the Old City, Mohammad Al-Hadmy from Wady Al-Jouz, Moayyad Beibouh, Hamed Beibouh, and Abdullah Bkeirat from Sur Baher village.