Palestinian nonviolent activists managed to document an attack carried out by Israeli extremists, on Sunday [January 24, 2014], against Palestinian children, at the entrance of Shuhada’ Street, in Hebron city, in the southern part of the West Bank.The activists said that a number of Israeli settlers attacked Ahmad Hisham al-Azza, 13, and Yazan Zeidan Sharabaty, 13, while the two were walking back home on Shuhada Street, in the neighborhood of Tal Romedia.

Israeli soldiers saw the attack, and went on to kidnap Yazan, and his father, Zeidan Sharabaty, after accusing them of “assaulting” them.

Several residents tried to defend the children after being attacked by the settlers and, instead of removing the assailing settlers, the soldiers kidnapped the father and his son before taking them to the police station in Keryat Arba’ settlement, in the city.

The Palestinian District Coordination Office (DCO), and the lawyer of the Youth Coalition Against Settlements, eventually managed to ensure the release of the kidnapped father and son.

Dr. Ahmad Amro, coordinator of the media unit of the Youth Coalition, said that filming and documenting such attacks is very essential, as such videos contradict the statements of the settlers and soldiers, and could be used against them in court.

Amro added that the soldiers allow the settlers to attack children, families and homes, in order to push the Palestinians out to replace them with illegal settlers.