Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday agreed to allow a thousand tons of cement into Gaza for the families affected by Alex storm, a Gaza official said. Turkish aid distributed.
A four-day winter storm hit Palestine last December causing massive flooding of entire neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip and great losses to private and public sector.

Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy Hatem Oweida said, in a statement to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that “Israel has agreed to enter a thousand tons of cement for the families affected by the late winter storm at the request and under pressure of [Gaza] private sector.”

“The private sector organizations made a request to Israel two days ago for the entry of cement shipments, and received an affirmative response today [February 4, 2014],” Oweida explained.

The shipments are destined for two days a week starting from the next week, he said, adding that “the allowance of cement agreed on is short compared to the needs of the families wanting to rehabilitate or rebuilt their homes.”

The Israeli occupation has been enforcing an almost complete ban on the entry of construction items into the Gaza Strip since October 2013, citing that Palestinian resistance movements use them for tunnel building.

Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs distributed financial and in-kind aid worth 257,500 USD, donated by Turkey, for the families affected by the storm.

The ministry earlier distributed cash aid worth 228,423 USD, 3159 food parcels worth 60.158 USD, ready meals worth 4450 USD, 2916 and blankets worth 54.154 USD, according to Mr. Ismail Radwan, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs.