YNet News reported, on Sunday afternoon, that new information has been leaked from the latest peace talks which speak of the US suggesting that Palestinians get areas of Negev in return for settlement blocs. The offer is meant to satisfy West Bank Arab leaders, who will be expected to give up the notion of having a right of return.
The UN Partition Plan of 1947, for a Jewish and Arab state, offered Jews settlements around the Israel area, including areas in the Negev, the Palestinian News Network (PNN) reports.

Recently, in an attempt to guarantee success of the peace talks, the American administration has decided to put Negev back on the table, this time offering it to the Palestinians.

According to this plan, Palestinian refugees will be sent to areas of the Negev desert, which will be goverened by the Palestinian Authority, but they will be expected to give up their idea of having the right of return implemented into any peace deal.

Parameters of the deal will allow Jewish settlers to remain in their homes in the West Bank, in exhange for Israel giving up large areas of Negev in return to the Palestinians.