[Monday Morning, February 10, 2014] Local sources have reported that the Israeli police demolished two Palestinian homes in Silwan and Jabal al-Mokabber, in occupied East Jerusalem.Resident Mohammad Hasan Sawahra, 38, said that dozens of soldiers and police officers invaded his home in Silwan, at approximately 5:30 am, and forced him and his family out.

The soldiers threw the furniture and belongings of the family out, as well, and demolished the 120 square/meter home. Sawahra lived in his home along with six other family members.

He said he built his home 18 years ago; Israel wanted to demolish the property, allegedly for not obtaining a permit, and Sawahra filed appeals that are still pending.

Yet, the army went ahead and demolished it, although Sawahra has been paying fines to the City Council.

In addition, soldiers invaded the home of resident Mohammad Hasan Ja’afra, in Jabal al-Mokabber, and violently forced the family out.

The soldiers then removed some of the furniture and destroyed the property, without allowing the family to remove all of their belongings.

Ja’afra said the Jerusalem City Council imposed a 30,000 NIS fine, and that he paid it all, yet, the City Council went on and demolished the home.

According to data collected by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Israel has demolished more than 27,000 Palestinian homes and structures in the occupied territories, including in occupied Jerusalem.

The data does not include homes bombarded by the Israeli army during its repeated wars on the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.