[Saturday Evening, February 15, 2014] Palestinian medical sources have reported that a Palestinian cameraman was injured after being attacked by Israeli soldiers in Wad Fokkin village, southwest of the West Bank city of Bethlehem.The sources said that Yousef Shakarna, 24 years of age, was part of a crew documenting the daily suffering of Palestinian workers trying to get to work in Israel.

A family member said that the soldiers violently assaulted Shakarna, and pushed him around, causing various cuts and bruises which required hospitalization. He was moved to the al-Yamama Hospital, in Bethlehem.

The Palestine Journalists Syndicate (PJS) denounced the Israeli attack, considering it another serious Israeli military violation against reporters, and freedom of the press.

It added that the soldiers repeatedly attack Palestinian journalists, and that dozens of attacks led to casualties and unlawful detention of the reporters.

The PJS said it intends to file an official complaint against the Israeli army, with the International Federation of Journalists.