The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that a disabled Palestinian detainee, held by Israel and facing several health complications, was moved into solitary confinement, last week, for demanding to be hospitalized. Yousef Nawaj’a, 48 years of age, went on hunger strike for five days, last month, demanding to receive urgently needed medical attention, especially after facing various health complications since he was taken prisoner over a year ago.

Besides his physical disability, Nawaj’a suffers several chronic conditions and often loses consciousness.

He faces frequent infections and various complications which require proper, continuous medical care and treatment, but is still denied this basic right.

In related news, detainee Issa Jibrin, held at the Asqalan Prison, has kidney infections, starting after his arrest twelve years ago, in addition to an infection in his intestines that started nearly 18 months ago.

He lost more than 18 kilograms, repeatedly faints and feels dizzy, and is only receiving painkillers.

Furthermore, detainee Ahmad Abu Ali, 33, held at the Negev Detention Camp, has infections in his gums and lymph nodes, starting four years ago, and lost lots of weight but is only receiving painkillers.

Another detainee, identified as Mohammad Freihat, 34, has a broken leg that fractured a month ago, but the prison administration did not provide him with any medical attention.