The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights (ISFHR) has reported that a Palestinian detainee from the northern West Bank district of Nablus fainted before his military court hearing, on Thursday afternoon, February 20, 2014.Lawyer Mazen Abu ‘Oun stated that detainee, Shadi Mohammad Awwad, 30, lost consciousness while in a court detention room, awaiting his session, and was moved to the Affoula Israeli Hospital, the Palestine News Network (PNN) has reported.

Awwad, from Awarta village near Nablus, was placed in an overcrowded room, where some detainees are held for up to ten hours, without water or food, before their court sessions are held.

Military court sessions usually last for a few minutes, but the detainees have to endure being moved from prison early at dawn or late at night, and are kept in small, overcrowded rooms.

Abu ‘Oun said that Awwad was kidnapped by the army on Monday at dawn, February 17, and was supposed to be arraigned Thursday.

After the detainee fainted and was moved to a hospital, the judge decided to keep him remanded for an additional four days before a second hearing is held.