[April 1, 2014] A number of Israelis attacked the Rafat Latin Monastery in West Jerusalem, puncturing car tires, and writing racist graffiti, including insults to the Virgin Mary and words describing the United States as “Nazi Germany”.The vandals also wrote graffiti vowing to make the Palestinians pay the prince from the “peace process”, and other Price Tag graffiti on the walls of the Monastery, and punctured the tires of four cars and a truck which belongs to the church.

The Islamic-Christian Committee for protecting Holy Sites warned that such attacks are on the rise, as vandals previously targeted several mosques, churches, graveyards, cars, homes and property.

“The attack is yet another serious violation against the holy sites, falls part of Israel’s racist campaign to turn the conflict into a religious matter,” the Committee said.

“This is a political conflict, Israel must respect Freedom of Religion, and must stop its racist activities and violations.”

Attacks against the Islamic and Christian communities are part of the ongoing violations and assaults which have led to the burning and defacing of several churches, mosques and graveyards, in different parts of occupied Palestine.