[Late, on Monday Evening, April 7, 2014] Several Israeli military jeeps invaded the al-Walaja village, northwest of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and served two residents with military notices informing them that the army intends to demolish their homes.Head of the al-Walaja Village Council, Abdul-Rahman Abu at-Teen, told the WAFA News Agency that the soldiers placed the orders on the front walls of the homes of both Nidal Shqeirat and Mohannad Hasan Hajahla.

The army alleges the two homes were built without constriction permits, in and under Israeli civil and military control. The homes are located in the Ein Jweiza area, west of al-Walaja.

Abu at-Teen said that the home of Shqeirat is a two-story building with a well and wall surrounding it, while the home of Hajahla is a 150 square/meter, one-story building. The two structures are in the last stage of construction and the families were preparing to move in and settle.

He further stated that the area in question is subject to frequent Israeli attacks, as the army has demolished several homes over the last few years.

Two weeks ago, soldiers handed out similar orders against seven homes; the families appealed to an Israeli court, and managed to obtain a temporary hold on the orders.

In related news, the army said, Tuesday, that six soldiers have been injured during a scuffle with a number of settlers near Nablus.