A Palestinian lawyer was found dead in his apartment, on Tuesday, after being tortured during a 45-day detention by Israeli forces, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society.Amjad al-Safadi, aged 39, was beaten, shocked and put under continuous observation, leading to extreme psychological distress, ultimately pushing him to commit suicide, a statement by the organization said.

Head of the Committee of Jerusalem Prisoners’ Families Amjad Abu Asab said, in March, that Israeli forces took al-Safadi into custody as he was visiting Hadarim prison, adding that they also raided al-Safadi’s house, where they confiscated a computer and several documents.

He was released from jail just five days ago, on bail of 20,000 shekels, upon which he was put under house arrest.

He was found hanging in his Jerusalem apartment, early Tuesday.

Israel is holding captive more than 5,000 Palestinians, including 19 women and 200 children; around 567 of the detainees have been sentenced to at least one life term.

At Least 200 detainees are currently held under Administrative Detention orders.

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