[Tuesday, April 29, 2014] In a letter delivered to the Latin Patriarch in the Holy Land, Paul Marcuzzo of Nazareth, an Israeli man has said that all Christian priests, and Christians in Israel, must leave the country “or else a 100 Christians will be killed every hour of delay”.The Israeli police in the northern part of historic Palestine said that a 40-year old Israeli man, from Safad, was apprehended.

The police added that the man actually went to the home of Marcuzzo, and handed one of his housekeepers a letter containing death threats to Christians, priests and every person who works for a church in the country.

The letter demanded Marcuzzo to inform all priests, except for Protestants and Evangelicals, to leave the country by sunset of May 5, 2014.

The letter also mentioned that a 100 Christians will be killed “for every hour of delay” after the deadline, adding that Christians are “desecrating the land of Israel even by breathing its pure air”.

‘Priests,starting with the Patriarch, even workers in Churches, except for Protestant and Evangelical, and every person who considers himself a Christian, must leave the country by May 5, 2014’, the letter reads.

It also said that “Christians desecrated the name of God, persecuted his people, and defiled his Torah,” and added: “That is why they will be killed on the hands of the heavens.”

Also on Wednesday, Israeli vandals desecrated a church, north of Tiberius, while on Monday, a priest filed a complaint with the Israeli police after vandals damaged several church benches and a cross in the church’s yard.

The police said they are investigating the assaults in an attempt to locate the perpetrators.