[Saturday, May 10, 2014] Spokesperson of the Fateh Movement Fayez Abu Atiyya stated that the upcoming national unity government would be supervising the Palestinian side of the Rafah Border Terminal, on the Egyptian border, in southern Gaza.Abu Atiyya said Egypt wants a Palestinian government run by President Mahmoud Abbas, and will deal with this government regardless of the border terminal agreement signed with the Palestinians in 2005.

The Egyptian official further stated that Egypt considers Abbas the core of Palestinian legitimacy, and is willing to deal with any authority or department running the Palestinian side of the border, as long as it represents president Abbas.

Commenting on Palestinian reconciliation and the recently reached understandings between Fateh and Hamas, Abu Atiyya said that the deal is now advancing towards full implementation.

He added that the Palestinian reconciliation team, headed by Azzam al-Ahmad of Fateh’s Central Committee, will likely visit Egypt in the coming days to finalize some issues, especially regarding the unity government that should be ready within the five-week period agreed upon.

The Egyptian-mediated agreement was reached two weeks ago; representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas agreed to form a government of national unity, and have called for general elections within five to six weeks.

Secretary General of the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), Bassam al-Salhi, a ‘road map plan’ had been agreed upon.

The plan starts with the formation of a national unity government that will be in charge of organizing the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections to take place, at most, within six months.