An open letter the US Biden administration was published, Thursday, demanding the provision of basic human rights for the people of Palestine, with 680 signatures, the New Arab (Al-Araby) reports.

Signatories of the letter include Israeli expatriate, author and historian, Ilan Pappé and US academic, Noam Chomsky, in addition to religious and other civil society groups, demand President Biden to put “human rights at the centre of US foreign policy”.

“More and more people are acknowledging that a sustained peace will not be possible until the Israeli government ends its institutionalized domination and oppression of the Palestinian people and starts being held accountable for all violations of international law committed against them. And this will not happen without US leadership,” said Sandra Tamari, executive director of US-based Palestinian advocacy organization, Adalah Justice Project.

The individuals, from 75 different countries, called on President Biden to secure the accountability of Israeli authorities, to apply “diplomatic pressure” on the occupation state to end its “discrimination and oppression” of the Palestinians.

The signatories pressed the US Administration for an end to the decades long policy of maintaining the “political status quo, devoid of justice and accountability“.