Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called during Mondays’ meeting of the security cabinet to move forward the discussion on a law to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners. The proposed law was voted in the first instance by the Israeli parliament, although two more votes are needed for it to become law.

03 June 2014 | Alternative Information Center (AIC) | Beit Sahour

70 Palestinian administrative prisoners on hunger strike were transferred to Israeli hospitals as the strike reaches its 40th day.

Netanyahu met on Monday with top advisers and members of the security cabinet – including public security minister Yitzchak Aharonovich, and the heads of the prison system – to discuss the matter. However, the heads of Israel’s doctors’ associations had ordered physicians not to cooperate on passing the law or in carrying it out if passed.

In response, Netanyahu said that he was sure he could find doctors who would be interested in helping out.