Israeli soldiers attacked on Thursday [June 5, 2014] a nonviolent protest marking the 47th anniversary of the Naksa Day, and in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners, held by Israel, and ongoing with their hunger strike for the 43rd day, demanding their legitimate rights.The soldiers also kidnapped Fahmi Shahin, member of the Political Bureau of the leftist Palestinian People Party (PPP), and moved him to the police station in Keryat Arba’ illegal settlement, in the city, allegedly for “attacking an officer during the protest”.

Local and international peace activists participated in the protest that was organized by the Hebron Defense Committee, and a number of local factions.

Afaf Ghatasha, member of the Political Bureau of the PPP, stated the soldiers attacked the protesters, shortly after starting their protest, and fired several gas bombs and concussion grenades at them.

Bassam Shweiki, a local activist of the Hebron Defense Committee, called for more solidarity activities in every Palestinian city.

“We will not leave our hunger striking detainees facing the occupation on their own”, Shweiki stated, “Right now, many detainees are in near death conditions, and ongoing with their strike”.

Yousef Tmeizy, an activist with the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements, stated this protest, in the heart of Hebron city, comes amidst ongoing Palestinian struggle against Israel’s illegitimate occupation of Palestine, and against Israel’s illegal settlements in occupied Palestine.

“The Palestinians will continue their legitimate struggle against this occupation, against settlements,” Tmeizy stated. “The struggle continues until ending this occupation, and establishing the independent Palestinian state.”

The Palestinians mark the Naksa Day (Setback) in commemorating Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, during the 1967 six-day war.

Following the six-day war, fought by Israel against Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Israel occupied the rest of Palestine (The West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem), Sinai of Egypt and the Syrian Golan Heights.

The Israeli forces managed to destroy %70-80 of the military capabilities of the Arab armies, destroyed several Palestinian villages, displaced dozens of thousands of Palestinians, and displaced most of the residents of al-Qneitra Province in Syria.

The UN Security Council then issued resolution number 242 calling on Israel to withdraw from all of the occupied Arab and Palestinian territories, but Israel ignored it, as well as all previous resolutions, initiated and escalated its illegitimate settlement construction activities in the occupied West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem.