The Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) strongly denounced the Israeli military invasion against its Jerusalem branch, during live broadcast, and the detention of two employees and a guest speaker.It said “the attack is yet another example of Israeli assaults against the Palestinians, and their media departments.”

The army and police claimed the broadcast is not licensed by Israel, “therefore illegal and must be stopped”, while the PBC affirmed it is legally operating in occupied East Jerusalem, and obtained all permits similar to all Arab and foreign agencies operating in Jerusalem.

It added that, on Friday morning, the Police requested the director of “Good Morning Jerusalem”, Ibrahim Qleibo, and the program host, to stop the show.

The PBC said the attack is part of ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinians and their institutions in every part of occupied Palestine, especially in occupied Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian state.

The Police broke into the Pal Media office in occupied Jerusalem, and kidnapped show director, Nader Bebers, Pal Media Coordinator, Ashfar Shweiki, in addition to Ala’ al-Haddad, member of a detainees’ committee in occupied Jerusalem.

Show host, Mona Abu ‘Assab, was forced to end her live show under gunpoint, after the police and the army invaded the offices and the studio.

The PBC demanded Arab and international institutions to condemn the attack, and to expose the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian people and their media outlets, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

It said Israel is acting on fully isolating Jerusalem, and separating its indigenous Palestinians from the rest of occupied Palestine, adding that Jerusalem is the capital of the anticipated Palestinian State, and that “the occupation, its settlements and violations, cannot wipe out the deep Arab, Islamic and Christian history, in the holy city”.

The PBC further said all Israeli measures, violations and settlements in occupied Jerusalem are illegitimate and violate International Law as Jerusalem is under illegal occupation.

Israeli police spokesperson, Luba Samri, said the attack was part of what she called “an investigation into the contents of the show”, according to Ma’an News Agency.

Samri confirmed three were kidnapped during the raid, and that they were released later on, and alleged “no programs were interrupted during the attack”. The three were interrogated for several hours, and were denied legal representation.