[Friday, June 6, 2014] In a letter sent by hunger striking Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, the detainees stated their strike, and their ongoing legitimate battle, is ongoing despite aggression, and despite their pain, suffering and illness.The detainees wrote the letter on Thursday, May 29, 2014.

“From the heart of our cells, from our pain and suffering, our hunger that weakened us, and our fragile bodies, our legs that cannot hold us anymore, and our weak arms, we remain steadfast and continue our strike,” the letter stated.

“Our bodies are collapsing, we can barely move our eyes, our heartbeats slowly fading away, and even writing this letter required a hard work,” the detainees said. “We are writing this letter to express our suffering, the abuse carried out against us every single day. Our battle today entered its 36 day, and we are ongoing with this strike.”

“We are sending a scream, a shout, from behind the walls of our dark cells, between the tusks of death and our jailers, while death stands in front of us, inhabits our cells,” they said. “We don’t know who will be taken by death first, but the jailor is just waiting, betting on our defeat.”

“Our great beloved Palestinian people, do you accept to have us be an easy bite between the fangs of our merciless jailers?”, the letter reads. “We are behind bars, spending years of our lives for Palestine, for its liberation and the freedom of its people.”

“The Palestinian people are steadfast on their land; as any other nation, they have the right to freedom, independence and dignity. Our battle, as administrative detainees, is open-ended. We started our hunger strike 36 days ago, while this battle is just of one countless battles for freedom, it is a battle against injustice wherever its exists.”

“We have no guns, no rifles, no cannons; we are armed with the weapon of hunger. This is how we resist this sword pointed at our necks, the sword of administrative detention, holding us without charges or trial.”

“Our great Palestinian nation, defenders of justice all over the world, organizations struggling for Palestinian rights, all governments and free media outlets; you are our only hope.’

‘You are the hope of solidarity and support while we hold this lengthy battle, the battle of every Palestinian, for liberation, dignity. and for the end of this illegitimate administrative detention, indefinitely holding us prisoner without charges or trial.”

“Peace and God’s blessing and mercy be upon you – your hunger striking brothers in the Zionist jails of darkness and oppression. Representing the detainees; detainee Khalil Mousa Zawahra, and detainee Mousa Yacoub Ma’marjy. Thursday, May 29 2014”