[Saturday, June 7, 2014] Several residents of Silwad town, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, managed to force Israeli soldiers out of a Palestinian home that the army had broken into, and had held the family in their own home since Friday evening.The Raya News Agency published a video showing local Palestinian villagers entering the Palestinian home, and forcing the soldiers out. Moath Mashal, a local journalist and cameraman working for Raya FM News Agency captured the incident on video.

The residents said that the soldiers were holding the entire family hostage in their own home, and were using the property as a military post, in direct violation of International Law.

The video showed a Palestinian woman crying and telling the cameraman that the soldiers had detained the family since midnight after invading their home, and did not allow them to move around.

The residents then entered a bedroom, where the soldiers were gathered, and started shouting at them “what are you doing here, get out, get out…”.

As the soldiers were using their wireless communication devices, trying to communicate with their commanding officers, the residents insisted that the soldiers needed to leave the property instantly, as they had no right to be there.

The Palestinians eventually managed to force the invading soldiers out of the Palestinian home, and starting clapping and chanting as the soldiers walked out of the property, its yard and the entire area.

The Video Was Posted By Raya News On Their Facebook Page: