[Thursday, June 12, 2014] The town of al-‘Isawiyya, in occupied Jerusalem, remains under tight siege by Israeli military and police for the fifth day, under constant attacks and home invasions, while several Palestinians have been kidnapped, and many assaulted.Several residents in the town told the WAFA Palestinian News Agency that the soldiers are also using a helicopter during the invasions, and that undercover soldiers have repeatedly army infiltrated the town.

WAFA added that the army fired flares, several gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber-coated metal bullets, causing several injuries among the residents and medics.

Raed Abu Ryala al-‘Eesawy told WAFA that the army broke into a number of homes and stores, attacked and kidnapped several Palestinians.

Some of the kidnapped have been identified as: Ali Derbas, 38, after being assaulted in his own home, Mohammad Rajab Obeid, 19, from a restaurant where he works, in addition to Lufty Khalil Dary, 44, Yasser Darwish and Mohammad Jebril Darwish.

The soldiers also assaulted dozens of residents, including women and children, while dozens received treatment for the effects of tear gas inhalation in local clinics.

Local sources said tension is still mounting in the town amidst fears of further invasions and assaults, targeting the residents, their homes and property, especially since the army and police began imposing fines, writing tickets and increasing restrictions on residents.

The police started an extensive campaign against the Palestinian town and its residents five days ago, searching dozens of homes and stores, and kidnapping several residents.

On Wednesday evening, soldiers invaded the town, broke into several homes and stores, violently searched them and kidnapped five Palestinians.