[Friday, June 13, 2014] Israeli media outlets have reported, on Friday evening, that the three missing Israeli teenage settlers, might have been killed, or moved to the Gaza Strip.No Palestinian faction, or any group, has made statements claiming responsibility for their abduction, the Arabs48 news Website said.

Israeli sources said the search for the missing Israelis is based on information collected by security devices of the Israeli army, and the Israeli Internal Security Service, regarding “fifteen previous attempts to abduct Israelis”, and that those unsuccessful attempts, have been allegedly “planned by Palestinian detainees, held in various Israeli prisons”.

Meanwhile, an Israeli army spokesperson said the army, and all security devices, are trying to locate the missing Israelis, but added that the West Bank has a complicated situation that requires special operations.

In addition, a spokesperson of Israeli Prime Minister’s Office claimed that the Israeli Internal Security Service managed to foil more than 50 abduction attempts in 2013, and 14 attempts since January of this year.

Israeli Ynet News said that the three Israelis, 17-19 years of age, went missing on Thursday evening after leaving a Yeshiva (religious school) in Gush Etzion settlement bloc, heading towards Modi’in settlement.

It added that the Israeli Internal Security Service believes a Palestinian faction might have kidnapped the settlers, and that their cell phones are not sending any signal that could help in pinpointing their location.

The Israeli Army and all security services are not providing details on the reported abduction, but only said it is acting on trying to pinpoint the location of the missing teens.

Israeli Ynet News has reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an urgent security meeting with various security and military officials, and ministers.

Netanyahu held the Palestinian Authority responsible for the “abduction”, while the P.A said the settlers went missing in Area C of the occupied West Bank, completely under Israeli security control, and military occupation.

The army also installed various roadblocks in and around the Hebron district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and various other areas, fearing that the missing Israelis might be moved to Gaza, although the issue is geographically nearly impossible.

Israeli soldiers also invaded a number of Palestinian communities in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and confiscated tapes captured by Palestinian surveillance cameras.

No faction has made any official statement claiming responsibility for the missing settlers, while their fate, so far, remains unknown.

Furthermore, Maan News Agency quoted the Walla Israeli News Agency claiming that the “Islamic State” faction, largely unknown but believed to be affiliated with al-Qaida, claimed responsibility for abducting the three Israelis. The report is yet to be confirmed.

Soldiers also kidnapped two young Palestinian men near Doura town, south of Hebron. Although no connection has been made, the army alleged locating a torched car in the area.

Clashes were also reported between the soldiers and local youths, and at least one Palestinian was injured.

In addition, the army installed various roadblocks in the area, especially on the Halhoul Bridge, the entrances of Beit Kahel and Ithna town, near Hebron.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received a call from US Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to help in the search of the missing Israelis, although Israel is holding him and the interim unity government responsible for the latest developments.

The two also discussed what was described as “other current issues”.

Lieutenant Adnan Damiry, spokesperson of the Palestinian Security Forces, denounced the Israeli accusations, especially those made by Netanyahu, holding the Palestinian Authority responsible for the missing Israelis.

Damiry said that Netanyahu and his government are making false accusations while their government has violated every agreement signed with the Palestinians, and are acting on destroying any chances for peace in the region.

He added that the Palestinian Authority has no information about the missing Israelis, and that the area where Israel claims they went missing, is under complete Israeli military and security control.

Three Teenage Israelis Missing In West Bank