UNRWA Records have indicated that the number of registered Palestinian refugees, as of January 2014, amount to approximately 5.4 million, according to a press release by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS):(WAFA) UNRWA Records indicated that these figures represented the minimum number of Palestinian refugees:

Palestinian refugees in West Bank who are registered with UNRWA as in the beginning of 2014 accounted up to 16.8 % of the total refugees registered with UNRWA against 24.1% in Gaza Strip. At the level of the Arab countries, the percentage of Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA in Jordan, amounted up to 39.7% of the total Palestinian refugees while the percentage of Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA in Lebanon and Syria reached 8.9% and 10.5% respectively.

66% of Palestinians who were living in Historic Palestine (British-Mandated Palestine) in 1948 were Expelled and Displaced

The human plight and tragedy that has befallen on the Palestinian people in 1948, a devastating tragedy was expelled and displaced from land seized by Israel as about 957 thousand Palestinian Arabs, representing 66.0 % of the total Palestinians who were living in historic Palestine on the eve of the war of 1948, according to UN estimates in 1950.

Several official estimates on the number of Palestinian refugees on the eve of the 1948 war was released from various sources, including official British, American, Palestinian and Israeli estimates as well as the United Nations estimates. However, United Nations released two estimates: the first referred to the number of Palestinian refugees that amounted to about 726 thousand refugees as based on the estimates of the United Nations in 1949. And the second that amounted to 957 thousand refugees as based on estimates of 1950.

41% of the totals Population in Palestine are Refugees

Data refer that the percentage of the population of refugees in Palestine in 2013 is estimated at 41.2% of the total Palestinian population living in Palestine, and data indicated that 26.1% of the population in West Bank are refugees, while the percentage of refugees in Gaza Strip is about 65.3%.

Palestinian Refugees are characterized as a Youngsters Community

Statistical data of 2013 indicated that the percentage of persons aged less than 15 years in Palestine reached 39.9% (as of 41.1% for refugees and 39.1% for non- refugees), while the percentage of elderly aged 60 years and over among refugee reached 4.2% of the total refugees while for non-refugees reached 4.5%.

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