June 26, 2014; A number of f right-wing Israeli settlers, and soldiers, stormed late on Thursday at night a number of homes belong to members of the al-Ja’bary family in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, wounding several Palestinians, including children, and kidnapping ten.Local sources said the invaders stormed homes in the al-Ras neighborhood, in the center of Hebron city, and assaulted the families.

Medical sources said several children were among the wounded, and that all injured Palestinians have been moved to the Hebron Governmental Hospital, suffering mild-to-moderate injuries.

Resident Bassam al-Ja’bary told the Maan News Agency that dozens of settlers, accompanied by a large number of Israeli soldiers, stormed the homes, and assaulted the families.

He added that the soldiers were holding knives, waving them close to the children, and threatened for kill them.

When the family tried to stop them, the army kidnapped approximately ten Palestinians.

Local medics arrived at the scene and moved the following residents to the local Hebron Hospital:

Hoda Bassam al-Ja’bary – suffered a cut in her arm by a soldier carrying an army knife, Noura Fahd al-Ja’bary, Dalal Mohammad al-Ja’bary, Thareefa Mohammad al-Ja’bary, Eid Bassam al-Ja’bary, Morad Mohammad Fahd al-Ja’bary, Nasser Fahd al-Ja’bary, Rami Mohammad Sa’id al-Ja’bary; most of them are children.

Bassam identified some of the kidnapped Palestinians as Fahd Nasser al-Ja’bary, Fares Nasser al-Ja’bary, Tha’er Nasser al-Ja’bary, Makroom Nasser al-Ja’bary, and Radi Bassam al-Ja’bary.

He said the soldiers assaulted the kidnapped family members, taking them prisoner while they were still bleeding.