Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday evening, Beit Kahil village, northwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, broke into several homes and stores, and confiscated surveillance equipment, and also confiscated computer files from the local village council.Mousa Atawna, member of the Beit Kahil Village Council, stated that the soldiers continued their invasions into the village, and invaded the building of the Village Council, while council members were holding their weekly meeting, and confiscated several computer files.

He added that the soldiers also tried to confiscate the council’s computers, but council members managed to prevent them. Yet, the soldiers copied the hard drives on CD’s using equipment they carried with them.

Soldiers also invaded several homes and stores in the village, and confiscated several surveillance equipment and tapes.

The village has been subject to daily invasions and assaults since three Israeli settlers went missing on June 12, the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported.