Gaza’s Energy and Natural Resources Authority has again warned of a power cut, should imported fuel quantities remain in limited supply.In a recent press statement, Al Ray reports, the Authority said that “the Israeli occupation authorities limited the quantities of fuel shipped via Karm Abu Salem crossing to the Strip, which may result in the power plant not operating.”

The statement pointed to the fact that the lack of fuel is ongoing for the plant, and appeals to all responsible parties in taking immediate measures to find a fundamental solution for the crisis, so that electricity distribution schedules already in effect may continue.

On June 26, a shipment of 250,000 liters of synthetic diesel (one day’s supply) was allowed entry into Gaza in order to fuel its sole power plant, a day after the authority warned the plant would shut down.

Even under the current schedule, Gazans receive electricity sporadically for totals amounting to 8 hours daily.

Qatari fuel, donated in March, was expected to run the plant for three months, but this deadline has since expired.

Gaza has been under a severe economic blockade imposed by Israel since 2006, leading to frequent humanitarian crises. With Egyptian backing, Israel tightened the blockade in 2007, following a political victory by Hamas.

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